About Our Company

MicroHelp Computing Services Pte Ltd  is a multi services Information Technology company capable of addressing your business IT needs and initiatives, quickly and efficiently, economical and fast. Whether you own a small business or you’re an executive of a large corporation, you can rely on our expertise, resources, and seasoned professionals. Our team of computer support specialists love what they do, and we’re certain this will show as we take on your project as one of our very own. No matter what size your company, we are always there to help and solve all your IT challenges.

Our Advantages

We provide customised software development for all special requirements and on request. We tailored our solutions and development to the most efficient and economical result.

We will do our utmost to recommend the very best in application interfacing with the system hardware whereby giving you the best value in quality and assurance.

We are always ready to provide customised training and consultancy to all your every computing challenges and needs.

Having a wide network resources of suppliers, programmers and engineers, we can readily make available the expertise for the project requirements.





Our Beliefs